4.70 Thunder Class Rules


1.  4.70 Index – .400 Pro Tree – 1/8 mile Open to all DOOR CARS. All run field.

2.  No throttle stops

3.  Two steps allowed

4.  NOS, Turbos, Blowers allowed

5.  Any motor, transmission allowed

6.  No minimum weight restrictions

7.  Chassis must have current certification

8.  All IHRA/Empire Dragway safety rules apply

9.  Courtesy staging is in effect. Anyone “double bulbing” will be backed out. Second occurrence in the same round will result in disqualification

10.  Engine diapers mandatory

11.  No deep staging. (Blue light in effect) Deep staging will result in an automatic red light

12.  We will be utilizing a Pro ladder

13.  2 Qualifying runs (one in each lane)

14.  Burnouts will be done together when the burnout director signals

15.  Tire smoke from excessive braking will result in disqualification. NO WARNINGS!

16.  You will have 7 seconds to stage once your opponent has staged, otherwise you will be timed out and receive an automatic red light

17.  Cars that break must notify the tower and they will be removed from the ladder

18.  Delay boxes must be zeroed out